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    Zhejiang Xin Tong Electronics Co., Ltd. grand launch of the concept of independent innovation in the domestic patent products - strong convection superconducting thermoelectric heater -

    Novel and unique, safe and convenient, double heat conduction, high efficiency and energy saving, the most ideal heating equipment in the southern winter

    5 years of meticulous research, shape design have a unique style, unique heating methods, the use of a number of functions, the domestic original, won the national invention patents, through the national 3C certification.

    The overall use of lightweight materials Aluminum Alloy, fast heat conduction, reduces thermal inertia, and reduce the overall weight.

    - the four side surface forms designed to increase the heat dissipation area.

    The heating rod of the heat pipe without any direct heating, heat transfer media, without pressure, safe and reliable.

    The heating source adopts high-tech products of the company: special temperature sensitive ceramic heating element.

    The constant temperature, no fire, tasteless, soft heating is not dry, can automatically adjust the power, safety, long service life.

    The middle tube in the heat - set heating mode, which improves the convective gas temperature, but also avoid the side surface temperature is too high, and in silent silence

    - enclosed, the heating rod is arranged in the middle of the heat pipe form to achieve the double cooling effect of heat convection and heat radiation, improve the utilization rate of heat.

    The middle heat into space by natural convection strong way, realize the true sense of the "chimney effect".

    - strong hot air flow speed reached 12 m / min.

    The surface on both sides of heat to the surrounding heat radiation in the way.

    The double heat conduction function, rapid diffusion of the heat to the room space, greatly improving the heating efficiency, saving electric energy.

    Intelligent microcomputer controller - configuration, convenient operation.

    The realization of intelligent temperature control, temperature control, temperature control, heat pipe body heating temperature control.

    The implementation of intelligent control the heating time, boot and shutdown timer reservation control.

    It can choose single core, dual core heating mode.

    The night lights display control.

    The ultra-thin shape, light structure nimble.

    Design - the bottom bracket and roller combination, the electric heater can move easily and smoothly placed.

    - free drying device and drying clothes, can bring convenience to life.

    Why is it that the superconducting electric heater is the better choice for your winter home heating?

    The heating material 1 different materials: heat superconducting electric heater is temperature sensitive ceramic heating element adopts high-tech products of the company special anti aging, it has fast heating, constant temperature, no fire, has the power of self-control, heating is very soft, safety, anti oxidative aging, long service life. For all kinds of traditional electric heater with a metal electric heating wire materials unmatched.

    2 different heating methods: made of sensitive ceramic heating element heating rod vertically placed in the middle of the radiating pipe, which makes the air in the tube in a 80 cm long channel continuous heating, hot air pressure to speed up the above molecular export spillover tube to speed, improve the heating efficiency superconducting electric heater.

    3 unique heat pipe structure: superconducting electric heater is used in four surfaces made of lightweight materials for surface Aluminum Alloy shaped tubular structure, is provided with a heating rod in a circular tube in the middle, and the four hole connected with the tibial surface ribs, with pressure flow heat radiating pipe above the heating rod ejection under the action of heat cold air in the cavity of the tube, the cold air in the siphon under the action of heat pipe is continuously added to the cooling pipe, so repeatedly formed strong natural convection heat flow. In this structure, the heating mode, that is, to speed up the flow of hot air flow, and will not produce noise, making the superconducting thermoelectric heater to speed up the heating speed, quiet and comfortable, saving energy. Compared with the traditional electric heater, the heating efficiency is increased by 40% to 50%.

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