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  • Brief introduction of PTC thermistor
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    The thermistor can be divided into positive temperature coefficient thermistor (PTCR) and negative temperature coefficient thermistor (NTCR) according to the resistance temperature characteristic. PTC is the abbreviation of Temperature Coefficient Positive, which means the positive temperature coefficient. NTC is the abbreviation of Temperature Coefficient Negative, which means the negative temperature coefficient. Among them, the positive temperature coefficient thermistor (PTCR) includes: mutant type (Jie Yuexing) PTC thermistor and slow variant (linear) PTC thermistor two kinds. Its sudden variant (step type) PTC thermistor is subdivided into two categories, a class of ceramic PTC thermistor (CPTC), BaTiO3, V2O5,, BN and other materials can be found after the addition of semi conductive elements can be found in the PTC effect. Is now widely used BaTiO3 PTC thermistor; second is a kind of organic polymer PTC thermistor (PPTC), polyethylene in polymer materials doped with carbon black PTC effect. Here is the BaTiO3 based PTC thermistor, belongs to the direct thermal order typical step type positive temperature coefficient thermistor as temperature increases to above the Curie temperature, the resistance value was a step increase of up to 4 ~ 10 orders of magnitude. The change of temperature by the current flowing through the thermistor to obtain, and also by the external input of the two heat or superposition to obtain.

    The application and advantages of PTC thermistor:

    1, as the heating with the ceramic PTC components, with automatic constant temperature characteristics, can save a set of temperature control circuit;

    2, as a switch with the ceramic PTC components, with over current, over heat protection function, to avoid damage to electrical equipment, the structure is simple and reliable;

    3, as the temperature protection of ceramic PTC element, in the temperature control point near a large resistance temperature coefficient, the configuration of a simple comparator circuit can achieve more accurate temperature control;

    4, switch temperature adjustment range: -40 degrees to 320;

    5, the resistance temperature coefficient is high: the maximum over 40%/;

    6, the range of resistance value: 0.1 ~ 20K

    7, working voltage range: 3V ~ 1000V

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