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  • Our company successfully passed the quality management system supervision and audit
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    My company's quality management system has been running for more than a year, in order to verify the system will continue to meet the requirements of the international standard, ISO9001:2000 September 22, 2004, Shenzhen Pengcheng certified auditor quality certification center sent, I run on the company's quality management system of a comprehensive, strict annual surveillance audit.

    Take the audit sampling method, the general manager, deputy general manager, production department, quality management representative, technical department, sales department, office supplies, office and other departments as well as the production site of detailed audit: complete check quality consciousness, check system, check the records, check the production site, check the file system to understand and check all departments of the responsibilities and quality index......

    After a day of rigorous, meticulous and scientific audit, the auditor published ebullience speech at the end of the meeting on the audit quality management system framework: Xin Tong company is becoming more perfect, operation condition of good quality system, quality awareness and customer awareness of employees gradually strengthen, the company's overall quality management level has been steadily improved. The quality indexes of the product has met the system requirements, the company established the quality policy and quality objectives.

    Finally, the auditor declared the supervision and audit conclusion: Xin Tong company's quality management system is suitable, adequate and effective, in accordance with the ISO9001:2000 international standard quality management system certification lasts.

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